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The NEC SL2100 Series is a great phone system for any company looking to increase their productivity. These systems come with many enterprise features that will make your employees happy and help you stay competitive in the market! We at Hartford Business Phone Systems have been working closely alongside this line of business telephone equipment since day one, so if there’s anything we can do just let us know – our professionals are always ready willing & able (even on short notice)!

The DS1000/2000 phone system is an innovative, reliable way to keep your business running smoothly. This model has all the features you need without any costly upgrades in future fees!

The DS1000 from NEC is a sleek and sophisticated phone system. It comes with 3 lines, 8 stations for quick coverage wherever you go; plus 4 analog ports so everyone has their own private connection – no more waiting around!

The DS1000 NEC phone system provides a high level of convenience for those who own small businesses. Built-in features such as Caller ID and the ability to log in with an account help identify incoming callers before answering, while also identifying where they’re calling from through this information’s built right into your line! With so many ways you can connect devices thanks equally convenient interfaces on both ends–including one that’ll work just fine no matter what kind or style telephone(s) may be attached—this device has it all covered when considering how much easier things get by being able simply plugging something

With so many features to choose from, it’s easy to see why the NEC phone system is a great fit for any business. From Call Coverage on any line or extension and group call pickup with Multi-party Conference; there are plenty of ways that your company can grow without expanding its physical space! As always let us help you out by reaching into our database today – we have knowledgeable consultants waiting who will be happy go through every option available at no cost.